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Re: Another level of agression ?

* Sven Luther (luther@debian.org) [070528 13:23]:
> [...]

Sven, this whole thread is about that your commit access to the kernel
svn repro was revoked without anyone telling you. What then happened is
that the alioth admins published that waldi revoked the access, waldi
refused to comment to it, and was finally beaten by Ganneff and me to
reenable your access. So, you see, two people jumped up to help you to
get your access back, and were successful.

I can understand that you are annoyed/angry at waldi now, but please
consider that some people in Debian did efforts to help you to have your
access restored. (And BTW, I still think that waldi needs to send a
public apology for removing your access - as far as I can see it, it
really seems to me waldi shouldn't have admin access because his
behaviour is not how any admin should behave. But please stop muddling
everything together. Debian as a project is definitly not responsible
for waldis bad behaviour - and there is no correlation between waldis
bad behaviour and anything else, waldi is behaving bad to almost all and
not only to you.)


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