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Re: Another level of agression ?

This one time, at band camp, Sven Luther said:
> Hi all, 
> Well, in the ever continuing witch hunt against me, i just noticed,
> while i was working on a patch fix for the debian kernel, that i have
> been removed from the alioth kernel team.
> There was nothing in the judgement of the DAMs which mandated this,
> and this is again the repetition of what has been happening since all
> this time.

If you paid any attention, you would have noticed that the DAMs have no
particular sway over alioth.  It is not tied to any of the regular
Debian infrastructure outside of the automatic creation of alioth
accounts for DDs.  There is no way the DAMs could have removed your
access - it would have had to have been done by either an alioth admin
or an admin member of the kernel team.  Since I am fairly sure that the
alioth admins have better things to do with their time (witness the last
36 hours on #alioth), if I were you, I would ask the people who are
admins on the kernel team project, and stop tilting at imaginary
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