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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org> wrote:

> On 10968 March 1977, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> >> Or does you not answering the arguments in my mails from shortly before
> >> we did the fork simply show that you do not have anything to reply to
> >> them, as there simply isnt anything valid against them? Instead you
> >> simply told me I am a liar and still miss to apologize for it.
> > ??? You did not send anything valid recently and you did never show that you 
> > are interested in the truth during the past 3 years.
> The last big thread before we forked. You simply ignored it back then
> and continue to do so.

So you are still unwilling to tell me what you are interested in?
I remember only a set of mails from you around March 2006, where you
did express that you are unwilling to send any useful comments on the
wrong claims done by Debian in January 2006. Dou you really expect an
answer from ne _after_ you did make it obvious that you are not interested
in a fruitful discussion?

> > I did try to approach you in Chemnitz and you did change your viewing 
> > direction and did run away for at least two times. You did have the chance to
> > approach me because I would not have run away like you, but you did not.
> > Why should I try it again in Hannover?
> Right. I only saw you once when I was going to get some food. You
> preferred to go elsewhere...

So this is your way of telling me that you really did run away?

I _am_ always open to a fruitful discussion even with you.

I am not interested to waste my time with people who repeat FUD on my projects
and are not interested in helping. Note that FROSS is based on the will for
cooperation, Mr. Bloch did make it obvious that he is not interested in
any cooperation and you did help him to spread FUD against me and my projects.

You continue to spread such FUD (e.g. inside the file "FORK").
If do not remove the FUD starting from the 3rd paragraph in this file,
it is obvious that you are still not interested in a discussion.


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