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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

>Distors are often viewed as mere packagers, but they tend to drive
>upstream development in variety of ways. Here's just a few of Debian's
>contributions to the world of FLOSS during 2006:

>* creation of cdrkit, a fork of cdrtools, due to a change of licence
>which happened to be DFSG-incompatible

You are not talking about a notable contribution but about a notable
damage to FLOSS caused by people who are unwilling to cooperate in a useful 

Note that there was a licence change with cdrtools but this was a change 
towards more freedom and the current official cdrtools are of course still
accepted free software and do not have any license problem.

Note that the license change was definitely not the reason for the fork (the 
fork would have been done in a different way if the license change was the 
reason). The reason for the change rather was the unability/unwillingness
of Mr. Eduard Bloch in cooperating. You need to blame him for causing damage
to Debian users...

If you like to vote for _useful_ contributions, the unneeded fork named
"cdrkit" is not the right choice. Note that while the original software 
does include a lot of enhancements and usability emendations since the last 
year, there have been only speudo changes and new bugs in the Debian fork.

If you do not like to suffer from the problems that have been introduced in the
fork, just use the free original software from:



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