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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:

> > -	the fact that other Debian maintainers does not try to 
> > 	find a workaround for the problems caused by some outcasts
> > 	causes damage to the reputation of the Debian project.
> > 
> I guess you missed Aurelien's mail [0]?  What about the other distros?

???? Mail not addressed to me is send py people who are not interested
in an answer from me.

> They clearly see a problem as well, as Aurelien pointed out.

If other distros did see a license problem, it wuld be obvious that they ask me
before changing to a fork that is definitely worse than the original.
Not a single mail from another distro has been send to me, so we may 
safely asume that other distros have just been overpowered but not
convinced by Mr. Bloch...

> > > this point has been explained to you multiple times.  Additionally, both
> > > the FSF and Sun have agreed that while the CDDL is in fact free, it is
> > > *not* compatible with the GPL.
> > 
> > Missquoting Sun and the FSF is not the way to deal with problems caused by
> > unproven accusations.
> > 
> I would hardly call it misquoting:

[ missunderstood text removed, see my other mail ]

> > As long as nobody is able to prove the claims made by Mr. Bloch and "friends",
> > we could carefully asume that they are void.
> > 
> Have I provided enough for you above?  I don't get why you persist in
> your argument when both sides have via *public* means stated the exact
> opposite of what you are claiming.

You did not provide anything relevent, sorry.

I did however explain many times in the public why there is no problem.
I recommend you to read this and reply again _after_ you found a way to send 
arguments that are based on real things that happen inside cdrtools and do not
repeat global unrelated statements from other people.

> > You should try to inform yourself with facts instead of believing claims
> > from Mr. Bloch. I am sure you did never try out the original and compare it
> > with the fork.... 
> > 
> So, in other words, you are not able to refute his claims?

There is no need to refute obviously wrong claims from Mr. Bloch. 
If you believe his wrong claims, it seems that I cannot help you anyway.
If you are openminded enough, you may try out e.g. the latest Knoppix DVD and
discover that wodim and other libscg based programs published by Mr. Bloch
simply do not work at all (I did try this at Cebit last week on my laptop).

The original cdrtoools however are known to work.


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