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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:

> > You are not talking about a notable contribution but about a notable
> > damage to FLOSS caused by people who are unwilling to cooperate in a useful 
> > way. 
> > 
> Joerg, as a piece of friendly advice, I think it would be wise to drop
> it.  You continue to do your reputation harm by going around making this
> claim.  Does Debian's fork somehow harm you?  Does it harm your
> software?  The question to both of those is probably "no".  Why not just
> ignore it?

Shouldn't the people in the Debian project be interested in preventing the loss
of reputation caused by this unneeded fork?

This fork harms the users of Debian in at least two ways:

-	the fork does not work decently and thus annoyes them

-	the fact that other Debian maintainers does not try to 
	find a workaround for the problems caused by some outcasts
	causes damage to the reputation of the Debian project.

> > Note that there was a licence change with cdrtools but this was a change 
> > towards more freedom and the current official cdrtools are of course still
> > accepted free software and do not have any license problem.
> this point has been explained to you multiple times.  Additionally, both
> the FSF and Sun have agreed that while the CDDL is in fact free, it is
> *not* compatible with the GPL.

Missquoting Sun and the FSF is not the way to deal with problems caused by
unproven accusations. Note that I am waiting for an explanation for the
pretended "problems" since January 2006.

Note that what I like to see is a cleanly written list of problems
and a clean list of quotes from the GPL and probably the OSI rules
that prove the claims. What I've read so far was a list od incorrect (modified)
"quotes" from the GPL...

As long as nobody is able to prove the claims made by Mr. Bloch and "friends",
we could carefully asume that they are void.

Also note that I am not attacking people but only trying to inform about the 
truth while Mr. Bloch is constantly publishing personal attacks.

> > If you do not like to suffer from the problems that have been introduced in the
> > fork, just use the free original software from:
> > 
> > ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/alpha/
> > 
> Again, Eduard refuted every single one of your claims of "problems" in
> the Debian cdrkit.  Please feel free to prove him wrong (with a
> technical argument, not a personal attack).

You should try to inform yourself with facts instead of believing claims
from Mr. Bloch. I am sure you did never try out the original and compare it
with the fork.... 


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