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Re: notable Debian contributions in 2006

On 10968 March 1977, Joerg Schilling wrote:

> There is no need to refute obviously wrong claims from Mr. Bloch. 
> If you believe his wrong claims, it seems that I cannot help you anyway.

As you always and only hit on Eduard - does that mean my claims aren't

Or does you not answering the arguments in my mails from shortly before
we did the fork simply show that you do not have anything to reply to
them, as there simply isnt anything valid against them? Instead you
simply told me I am a liar and still miss to apologize for it.

Or - does the way you avoid to talk to me mean that you fear to lose the
discussion? You know, you saw me at the Chemnitzer LinuxTage and then
also at the Debian booth at Cebit. You avoided to talk to me, instead
you visited the Debian booth when I went away, knowingly talking to
someone who has absolutely nothing to do with cdrkit.

No, I wont ever start talking to you at any event. I am simply not
interested anymore in doing this. We have cdrkit and are happy with
it. *WE* ignore cdrtools and do not spread FUD about it. How about you
growing up and simply doing the same with cdrkit? Ignore us, future will
then tell what was the better thing. cdrtools or cdrkit.
Your constant whining doesn't help any side. It just destroys all the
points you may have had.

bye Joerg
<pasc> man
<pasc> the AMD64 camp is not helped by the list of people supporting it
<pasc> when nerode is on your side, you know you're doing something wrong

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