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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   Then please explain it better. What I understood from your first post
> is that you want to replace the DPL by a Team, but:
>   * You don't really explain why it's needed ;

I did. But you don't seem to agree with my POV.

>   * You don't really explain its goals.

The goal is to assume tasks that DD expect their leader to take care of.
But I'm not going to restrict what the board can take care of. The board
will be composed of intelligent people who can mobilize themselves when
they identify issues that need some fixing. I expect any campaigning
period to be the time where this is is discussed.

>   * the DPL has too much stupid administrative tasks to perform, and
>     needs help. I say fine, you don't need 10 people to do that, a small
>     team where you work tight with a very few collaborators is the fine
>     model for that.

I don't think that the DPL has too many stupid administrative task, it's
just that he's too much sollicited.

>   * the DPL has sensitive questions to answer to, I say that then this
>     has to be discussed with the related people (I already gave
>     examples) and then take the decision, or leave it to broad
>     discussion among the project. There is no way a mini-debian would be
>     a good idea IMHO. So to me your idea seems irrelevant.

Fine. I disagree. I believe we have much to win by having the possibility
to discuss some issues in a closer set of people. We're already doing that
but we're not acknowledging it and we do that in a way where there's no

>   * You say it's better to fight against people lacking time, then well,
>     that sucks pal, but if you don't have time, you should not try to be
>     in that team already. When I choose to nominate myself in a board
>     election, it beeing Debian or not (and I've been in the board of two
>     associations already, one having 15k+ members, so I quite know what
>     I'm talking about), I assert that I will have enough time to fulfill
>     my role.

Life is not black & white. People that I respect tend to do much already.
People who have experience within Debian do much already. The DPL board
helps on that aspect but it's not the sole justification of the concept.

Raphaël Hertzog

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