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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On Mon, Feb 12, 2007 at 11:00:36AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been talking about having a DPL board and I might want to go further
> and try the principles out by proposing a DPL board in the upcoming
> elections. So I'm explaining here how I expect such a board to work.
> Feel free to comment, ask questions and give suggestions on how to enhance
> it.
> Composition:
> ------------
> * Around 10 members representing if possible the various tendencies that
>   exist within Debian.

  10 people is the best way to ensure nothing ever gets done. That sole
number shows that you don't really understand how hard it is to have a
leadership with more than one person in it.

  If you want to imagine such a thing as a DPL team, then, the number
of members of the board shall be odd, for obvious voting reasons, and
that number shall be less than 5 (and 5 is already big imho).

  if a DPL Team needs more than 3 people, then there is two
  * most of the DPL team is useless and should not have been here in the
    first place ;
  * the DPL team should have named delegates (a power that the DPL can
    use, and that he rather use seldomly as a general rule ttbomk) for
    some local and determinated tasks.

  Another problem I have with your proposal is about the "puting people
from different horizons". You don't have a working team doing that. You
can ask people that do not think the same to behave decently in a
meeting, or discuss calmly and efficiently on a list or so (yeah yeah,
in the real world outside from debian that's possible, I've seen it).

  But you can't ask such persons to share a chair. That just can't work.
If you want to get things done, you must put together a team that is
coherent and that share the same goals. Else your proposal is the best
way to achieve a wonderfully auto-deadlocked DPL. That could be quite a
bit of fun, but well, I think debian has already way enough
administration-like inefficiencies not to add yet another one.

  So _as you describe it_ I think such a DPL Board is a quite bad idea.
I've no real position about a DPL Team in general, but this instance is
clearly not a thing I'd like to see, for at least the two previous
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