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Re: Call for a new DPL mediation ... This will be the only thread i will reply to in the next time about this issue.

On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 12:52:30PM -0500, Ean Schuessler wrote:

> If the d-i team takes action that the rest of the project does not agree 
> with then the project is perfectly capable of deciding that they are no 
> longer the d-i team.

There is no "rest of the project"!  The d-i team is, for all intents
and purposes, an _independent_ project whose product _happens_ to be
uesd by Debian.  Debian actually has no more say in the actions or
make-up of the d-i team than they do in the actions or make-up of the
kernel devs or X.org.

The most that Debian could do is force a fork, and if a fork is all
that's desired, Sven can set one up on his own!  He doesn't need a GR
to force a fork!

> I still wonder why his mailing list access wasn't clipped instead of
> his CVS account.

Because it was the d-i project that decided to take action, not the
Debian project.  The d-i project controls his SVN access; the Debian
project controls the mailing lists.  The d-i project cannot "clip" his
access to Debian lists, and the Debian project cannot add or remove
his d-i commit access.

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