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Re: Call for a new DPL mediation ... This will be the only thread i will reply to in the next time about this issue.

This one time, at band camp, Ean Schuessler said:
> Frans Pop wrote:
> >Bah. That is a gross overexaggeration. No arch has been killed in d-i.
> >d-i is, and will remain, perfectly capable of installing powerpc.
> >
> >As I've said before, there may be a temporary reduction in support 
> >(specifically for the lesser used subarchitectures), but there is 
> >absolutely no basis for claiming that powerpc support is being killed.
> That is where I have a spot of confusion. No one seems to deny the fact 
> that Sven plays a critical role in producing the PPC port of the 
> installer. It frames his antics in a different light if his 
> contributions have been minimal. If he does very little for the project 
> and makes this much noise then I can see why his elimination is sensible 
> and even beneficial.

Nobody plays a critical role in any piece of software development,
sorry.  If we let software development become about egos and who does
what, we've lost to lunatics and idiots, and we might as well use one of
the BSDs.

> I suppose it comes down to what a "temporary reduction in support" looks 
> like. Ideally this staffing change should produce improved performance. 
> Could you outline the improvements you expect to achieve through Sven's 
> elimination and the timeframe they might arrive in? Do you have some 
> specific people in mind who have committed to make #d-i a more 
> productive group if Sven's presence is eliminated?

The only sensible answer to timeline questions is and has always been,
"when we're done.  Sooner if you send a patch"  I'm not trying to be
mean, but sorry, this is just a non issue.  If people need ppc subarch
support, someone will step up and do the work.  If noone steps up, we
didn't need the support.  QED.
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