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Re: Donations

On 12 Jun 2006, MJ Ray said:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>
>> How about simplifying the strictures in the constitution to
>> something like this:
> That seems a substantial power transfer to the DPL, with the related
> loss of scrutiny.  It may not cause problems now, but it's quite a
> bet on the financial prudence of all future DPLs.  Is it possible to
> simplify the constitution, while keeping a similar level of public
> scrutiny as the current SPI partner approval process?

        I am open to suggestions. Remember, the DPL already has
 authority to decide how the funds are spent; and designation of new
 trusts is not as significant as actually spending them.

        Also, any action by a DPL or delegate can be overturned by a
 simple majority vote

> Would making the list of approved organisations a foundation
> document do that, or make it even stronger?

        Err, this is the same as listing the organizations in the
 constitution, and requiring a 3:1 GR to just add a  organization to
 hold money or property for Debian. That is way overkill; the DPL is
 in essence the chief operating officer of the project; and adding or
 removing organizations which hold money from Debian falls under that
 purvue.  In practice, it has been being done this way for a while
 now, and I have seen no fall out from the practice.

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