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Re: Donations

"Wouter Verhelst" <wouter@debian.org> wrote in message [🔎] 20060612141842.GT19275@country.grep.be">news:[🔎] 20060612141842.GT19275@country.grep.be...
Isn't "money" a word that cannot have a plural form? Not being a native
English speaker, it's pretty hard for me to tell, obviously...

Money means "currency". Like with currency, plurals are not used to indicate the amount of the currency. However, when when talking about multiple types of currency (multiple types of money) you do use the plural.

English is messed up. For example:

Person (singluar): Individual.
Persons (pural): Individuals.
People (singlular): Population/Group of persons.
Peoples (plural): Populations/Groups of persons.

However, "people" is almost always used as the plural of person, and when used as such is treated as though it is plural, even though that is strictly ungramatical. But yet if one writes "People is often foolish", everybody feels that the sentance is wrong and should be "People are often foolish".

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