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Re: Donations

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [...]
> > > Wow, in what sense are donations *not received by SPI* "earnings"?
> MJR> It's money given to an SPI member project for whom any donations
> MJR> must be made to SPI.  How can they be earnings of anyone else?
> Because they've never been *given* to SPI?

1. they are not donations to debian if not given to SPI as
any donations to debian must be given to SPI; or
2. they're as much given to SPI as money given to SPI's bank -
after all, it's never cash in the SPI treasurer's mattress.

> [...]  IANACPA, but SPI would not have to report as
> income any donations received on Debian's behalf by a European organization
> unless those funds were subsequently transferred to *SPI's* possession (as
> opposed to simply being disbursed per the DPL).

I'm surprised if SPI should not be reporting all its earnings, no
matter whether they are held in a US bank or European associate.
Earnings!=income AFAIK, but maybe someone can point to a US
guide saying they're the same for the US taxman?

Within debian, the DPL does not have power to direct such
disbursements alone.  If private businesses wish to spend their
money as directed by DPL alone, then I think
1. that's their choice and not a properly-made debian decision,
2. any money given to them was not donated to debian; and
3. directing people to donate to such a private business instead
of SPI is actively working against the debian constitution.

Hope that explains,
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