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Re: Donations

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>
> This is an interesting point.  The Debian constitution appears to assume
> that SPI will be the only organization holding property in trust for Debian;
> but this hasn't been the case for some time -- ffis, e.V. in Germany has
> received Debian donations for years, and AIUI we also have donations held in
> Australia and a pool of money we left behind in Brazil after DC4.

ffis in Germany is an SPI partner, as is Assoli in Italy.
As far as I know, both of those are charities and neither
has attempted to co-opt DDs without their permission.

I don't know the status of holdings in Australia and Brazil.
Are they retained profits from events?  DebConf6 seemed to
be privately run for debian, supported by SPI.  I assumed
that any surplus will be donated to debian, but I don't know.

> Wow, in what sense are donations *not received by SPI* "earnings"?

It's money given to an SPI member project for whom any donations
must be made to SPI.  How can they be earnings of anyone else?

> For that matter, how is this a decision about property held in trust for
> Debian?  Before being received from the donor, the money is not held in
> trust for Debian; so giving someone your blessing to receive that money
> doesn't seem to be a decision *about* money held in trust.

Curious tactic. If it's not yet a donation held for debian,
the constitution says, "any donations for the Debian Project
must be made to SPI" (so people directing them elsewhere are
actively working against that rule IMO, not that I'll act on
it) and one would expect SPI to decide who holds its funds.
However you want to cut it, it looks like SPI would have
decided about this, if the decision was properly made.  Where?

BTW, I don't agree that it's not a donation - once the donor
donates, it looks like one to me, no matter what account at
what trusted party it goes to.  Would arguing otherwise
really satisfy the taxman?

Thank you for your interest in this vexing topic,
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