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Re: Donations

On Wed, Jun 07, 2006 at 07:27:03AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> I don't know the status of holdings in Australia and Brazil.
> Are they retained profits from events?  DebConf6 seemed to
> be privately run for debian, supported by SPI.  I assumed
> that any surplus will be donated to debian, but I don't know.

Brazil's was retained profits from DC4; it was unrealistic to bring the
money back out of the country, so AIUI it was instead used as the seed for
a local Debian presence.

In Australia, I think it's Linux AU that accepts these donations?

> > Wow, in what sense are donations *not received by SPI* "earnings"?

> It's money given to an SPI member project for whom any donations
> must be made to SPI.  How can they be earnings of anyone else?

Because they've never been *given* to SPI?

> BTW, I don't agree that it's not a donation - once the donor
> donates, it looks like one to me, no matter what account at
> what trusted party it goes to.  Would arguing otherwise
> really satisfy the taxman?

Er... yes, actually, it would.  IANACPA, but SPI would not have to report as
income any donations received on Debian's behalf by a European organization
unless those funds were subsequently transferred to *SPI's* possession (as
opposed to simply being disbursed per the DPL).

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