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Re: Donations

Anthony Towns replies to Donna Orlowski:
> Sorry you haven't had much of a straight answer. You have four options:
>   (4) Cheque or wire transfer to Debian UK, funds marked for use only with
>       approval of DPL or authorised delegate -- for details contact Steve
>       McIntyre <steve@einval.com>
> Any of these are fine, and will see your donation used to improve Debian.

So you can see that the DPL has explicitly endorsed Debian UK as a
mechanism for donating for Debian.

Therefore, I trust there will be no more statements like this one:

MJ Ray writes ("Re: Donations"):
> Steve is an officer of a trader called the Debian-UK Society.
> It is not a charity.  Please make donations to SPI directly.

In particular, the Constitution says that `[a person] must not
actively work against these rules and decisions properly made under

If you want you can hold a GR to reverse the DPL's decision but you
must not interfere with people who are carrying out that decision, for
example by emailing FUD to external people.


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