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Re: Donations

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org>
> I think it would be better to formulate a requirement that it must be a
> not-for-profit organization, but leave the choice on the tax-beneficial
> status to the people doing the actual organization.

I think there are many benefits from being a tax-beneficial form,
usually including reasonable limits on how donations are spent and
public reporting, but I'd accept just having not-for-profit.

> > Why?  What problem does only modifying the foundation solve?
> The problem that you need to pay a lot of taxes to get money from the EU
> to the US, and then again if you want to use money in the EU for some
> reason. You would need to pay import taxes and conversion costs twice
> for no good reason. You cannot fix that by "reminding some DDs of the
> current situation".

The current situation is that EU donations to debian can be made
to SPI at its partners ffis.de or softwarelibero.it, so you
don't necessarily need to move money from EU to US and back.
Other territories could have SPI partners as needed, as far as
I can tell.

So, what problem does modifying debian's foundation solve?
Conversion costs already seem to be solved.

Hope that explains,
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