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Re: wiki.debian.org: Who's maintaining it

[Jonas Smedegaard]
> What more specifically fails with the stable version?

I am not sure what details you are missing, but I can try to walk
through the features I am looking for, and hopefully you find the info
you need.

When I visit wiki.skolelinux.de, there is a scroll menu in the part of
all pages with "More Actions:", and one of the options there is
"Render as Docbook".  This allow me to get a XML document with docbook
tags representing the wiki page.

When I visit wiki.debian.org, there is on each page (right side bar)
an scroll menu called "More Actions:", and there I am unable to find
any option to generate the docbook version of the page.

If the 'Render as Docbook" option was working on wiki.debian.org, I
would be able to extract the docbook version and thus use it to
generate PDF documents from the wiki.

Is this specific enough?

Petter Reinholdtsen

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