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Re: wiki.debian.org: Who's maintaining it

On Tue, 09 May 2006 08:02:58 +0200 Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> [Jonas Smedegaard]
> > Docbook support was included with 1.3.4 too, but you might be right
> > that it is broken in that release. If so there's a change that it
> > can be worked around by plugins, fulfilling the requirement of
> > staying with stable packages.
> The option seem to be missing from wiki.debian.org.  At least I fail
> to see any way to extract a docbook version of the wiki pages.  So I
> do not know if it is broken as much as it is missing.
> Perhaps it is just a configure option, and currently disabled?

More likely a combination of that, and adding additional Debian
packages, and maybe adding one or more MoinMoin plugins locally to the
specific wiki which in 1.5.x is installed/newer by default.

So I ask again (in order to better help isolate the problem, and
hopefully provide a solution that meets the requirement expressed by

What more specifically fails with the stable version?

 - Jonas

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