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Re: wiki.debian.org: Who's maintaining it

On Mon, 8 May 2006 08:25:39 +0200 Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

> [Martin Schulze]
> > The version should stay with the version currently in Debian stable.
> Any chance of having the version in Debian stable support docbook
> export?
> If not, we can not maintain the documents on wiki.debian.org, and need
> to maintain them on our own wiki.  That is a bit sad, as we would like
> the Debian Edu documents to be available from the official Debian web
> pages.
> I managed to figure out the versions if moinmoin.  wiki.debian.org
> uses 1.3.4 while wiki.skolelinux.de with the working docbook export
> uses 1.5.3-rc2.  I'm not sure when the docbook feature was introduced,
> but it must be somewhere in that version span.

Docbook support was included with 1.3.4 too, but you might be right
that it is broken in that release. If so there's a change that it can
be worked around by plugins, fulfilling the requirement of staying with
stable packages.

A quick test of installing stable moin on an unstable Debian seems to
be working. I have no stable system that I can interrupt currently for
more tests, and also I don't really know what kind of failures to look

So please be more specific about what fails with the stable version.

Perhaps move (this branch of) the discussion to debian-devel? If
doing so then please cc me, as I am not subscribed to that list.

 - Jonas

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