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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

Josh Rehman <josh@joshrehman.com>
> This question, for me, is moot since I don't plan on using #debian IRC
> again. I expected a level of maturity from a Debian representative
> that I did not get.

Don't expect maturity on IRC and don't expect detailed development
or advocacy discussion welcomed in a tech support channel.

> And now when I have taken *my* time to complain
> and hopefully make the organization better, I recieve classical
> beuracratic defensiveness, with no clear lines of accountability I can
> follow to get around *that*.

I think mostly you're getting confusion and a lack of people
willing to explain to you how to get around. This sort of thing
may be why:

> And to quote
> "http://www.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/relationship/document_view":
> "As a volunteer organization, Debian has historically been less good
> at making time-based or predictable releases, and has a difficult time
> providing accountability."
> That last part is certainly proving true.

Mmm. Don't stop. Keep trolling.

More generally, debian isn't accountable to you, and that's
probably right. It's willing to work in partnership with you,
as described in its social contract and other documents, but
this isn't a one-sided offer. You get to behave well too.

Maybe ubuntu are doormats who would treat you better and that will
be how they win. I'd be surprised if that's a long-term strategy,
but I've not seen much about ubuntu besides some CDs that didn't
boot here and the notorious nipple nixing.

Best wishes,
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