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Re: Complaint about #debian operator

also sprach Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> [2005.12.10.1251 +0100]:
> Looking at the log, your question was being addressed for 10 minutes
> before you were silenced (definetely more than "a word or two"), and
> dondelecaro gave you useful input as well.  When the discussion seemed
> to drift away, you were advised to take it elsewhere, which you
> declined.  You were also warned several times that you were being
> off-topic.

I don't think any discussion comparing Debian to Ubuntu is off-topic
for Debian. Ubuntu is not just another distro. It just so happens
that a lot of Debian folks try to ignore Ubuntu's existence, or
start behaving weirdly when the focus turns to Ubuntu. Don, this is
not a personal attack against you, from our private discussion
I could deduce that you were just trying to protect the channel from
a flame war, rather than being involved in the discussion.

A user coming to #debian wondering why Ubuntu would get so much
publicity and inquiring about the differences mainly shows that
people have not forgotten that Ubuntu is Debian, and not the other
way around. I think it is better for "plain users" to go with
Ubuntu, while power users may want to use Debian instead. Our
priorities are our users, so isn't it better to help a future Ubuntu
user realise that Ubuntu is a better choice, than to risk gaining
a Debian user who'll be frustrated and throw in the towel soon?

In that light:

[01:26] dondelelcaro: det: the topic is meant to curtail useless
  discussions about the relative merits and demerits of various
  distributions; this channel isn't here to do that. It's here to
  support Debian. Nothing more.

I think it would support Debian greatly if people would actually
understand what Ubuntu is all about, and how it differs from Debian.
After all, Ubuntu is not just another distribution.

> Also note that the channel's topic reads, besides others: "Please
> note: this is not #ubuntu."

He didn't ask Ubuntu questions.

If josh got banned for his conduct, maybe deadcat should also get

> [01:08] deadcat: no
> [01:08] deadcat: no one is home
> [01:08] deadcat: shut up
> [01:09] deadcat: josh__: what you think?
> [01:09] deadcat: are you?
> [01:09] deadcat: then dont ask
> [01:12] deadcat: josh__: because people like you
> [01:12] deadcat: poop: ya. but this is #debian (=
> [01:16] deadcat: kevix: what you try to bankrupt them?
> [01:17] deadcat: i only use debian because of the name. whats this apt
>   shit you guys talking about?
> [01:18] deadcat: det: do use the word concept loosely... everything just
>   works my ass
> [01:18] deadcat: josh__: shutup and go to distrowatch.com
> [01:19] deadcat: dondelelcaro: the guy is a troll. telling you.
> [01:19] deadcat: det: lets just say alot fo shits didnt work on my
>   friends' computers
> [01:20] deadcat: josh__: no your trolling. later you gonna go to
>   #slackware and do the same.. i've seen you in many distro channels.
> [01:22] deadcat: det: we dont care. can you guys /join #ubuntu please
> [01:24] deadcat: det: nope. thats the best i can do.
> [01:37] deadcat: josh__: ya because you ahve to earn respect first.

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