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Complaint about #debian operator


My apologies for sending this message here, but I wasn't sure where to
complain. I've been an off-and-on debian user over the years. Lately
I've used RedHat at work. I was thinking of trying Debian again, and
heard about Ubuntu. I could find very little on the web compairing
Ubuntu with Debian. I wanted to know a little more before making a
choice, and a word or two from an experienced person would be enough.

I thought my problem was solved when I found:


and the mention of 'On-line Real Time Help Using IRC'. Unfortunately
this did not work out as planned. I was almost immediately banned for
even mentioning Ubuntu. This when I had found someone with real-life
deb and ubu experience ('det').  After the ban was lifted, the
operator "dondelecaro' refused to answer my question about complaining
about this annoying ban, and in fact banned me again when I mentioned
this fact. Another user suggested that I send a message to this list.

Let me say first that I don't expect much to come from this complaint.
I understand fully well that Debian is organized and run by
volunteers. Furthermore, my case is not clear cut since I wasn't shut
down for asking about "KDE" when the moderator really only wanted to
talk about "Gnome", for example. My query bordered on an advocacy like
discussion. However, I think I was careful to keep it nuetral - I
really just wanted to know what value-add ubuntu has over Debian that
has given it such a buzz. In addition, the operator gave me no
external link to read or alternative channel (with the exception of
telling me to take it to #ubuntu which I frankly don't see why an op
there wouldn't tell me to go to #debian...)

If in fact I was in the wrong, I apologize, but if that's the case
it's quite possible (even likely) that many users will be steered
toward debian's IRC channel with the wrong expectations. Perhaps a
disclaimer should be placed in the http://www.us.debian.org/support
page that states, "The debian IRC channel is for technical support
only. In other words, you should be posting nothing but error messages
and the occasional config file. No other traffic will be tolerated."
That would properly set user expectations. As it is, I feel a little
abused by "dondelecaro".

In terms of corrective action, if I was wrong then the support page
should be adjusted. If I was not wrong then dondelecaro should no
longer have op priveledges. In either case I ask that the (apparently
permanent) ban placed on my ip address be lifted so that if I have a
technical problem in the future I can attempt to recieve some
real-time assistance from my peers.

Full transcript attached. (My user name in the transcript is "josh__").

"All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood."
-Rainer Maria Rilke

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