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Re: Debian UK

* Simon Huggins (huggie@earth.li) wrote:
> Every post of yours on this subject, in my opinion, shows you *adore*
> bureaucracy or you wouldn't persist in this mindnumbingly dull debate
> over a point which has no relevance to -project any more (given the
> grant of the trademark use).

I hate to have to point it out, but the grant was for the interim and
this is actually a pretty decent place to try to show some of the
concerns DDs have that will hopefully be incorporated into the
Debian/SPI trademark policy which will quite possibly end up recinding
the interim trademark grant.

So, don't try to use the excuse that the DPL gave you an interim
trademark license as showing that what you're doing is right.  That's
not how it works.

> We would be most glad then if you would stop trying to harm it by
> involving all the members in a stupid flamewar on -project then.  Trust
> me you are visibly doing harm.

Attempting to work out the concerns of DDs and how the Debian trademark
should be used isn't exactly a 'stupid flamewar'.  It almost certainly
will help Debian in the end as it's been shown that not having a clear
trademark policy certainly hurts Debian.

> You do realise that you are potentially making people think twice before
> they sell t-shirts/CDs elsewhere right?

It'd be a very good thing to have people think twice before starting up
an organization with 'Debian' in the name.  Perhaps things like DCC
could have been avoided then.

> > > Nothing here is going to hurt Debian; [...]
> > You can predict the future now?
> No, I trust the people.  Based on previous experience where they could
> have just *taken* the money and things weren't so public.

Certainly there's more at stake here than just the money aspect.
Debian's goal is not to raise money, after all.

> How many fine, upstanding UK Debian Developers have to stand up and say
> "Steve, Phil and Vince are great guys and should be allowed to continue
> what they've been doing without MJ's harrassment" before you stop?

Being great guys doesn't necessairly mean that Debian's trademark policy
should allow people to create businesses using the Debian mark, even if
it's for selling t-shirts.

> You had your chance for input as Phil has pointed out.  It's only
> recently you've adopted these attempts to destroy the good work that is
> happening in Debian's name in the UK; yes, in Debian's name, as it
> rightly should being Debian work promoting Debian!

Yet, Debian doesn't sell t-shirts.

> I'm done now.  I can see I can't reason with you but please reconsider
> your position.

This seems to be the result of a number of these threads.  It's not
terribly useful.



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