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Re: "Why" Debian Core Consortium ? Why not UserLinux? Why not Debian?

<quote who="Anthony Towns" date="Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 01:45:45PM +1000">
> I can't see how making the topic disappear from public view by
> moving discussions to spi-trademark would particularly help raise
> awareness.

In terms of the DCC, the decision is ultimately going to be to Don. In
terms of a trademark policy, the decision to accept that policy it
will ultimately be up to Debian and it's decision making policy. It
will happen on this or another Debian list.

However, Greg (SPI's lawyer) feels that when he is offering legal
advice to his client it should should not be done publicly for legal
reasons. This means (a) it needs to be on to SPI list since Debian is
not technically his client and (b) the list should not be an "anyone
can join no questions asked list."

Many of the most important decisions in regards to the trademark are
for the Debian project, not SPI, and will be done on open lists. But
some things *do* need to be done on spi-trademark. If you want to be
on spi-trademark, your help is both possible and appeciated. :-/


Benjamin Mako Hill

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