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Re: "Why" Debian Core Consortium ? Why not UserLinux? Why not Debian?

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> I agree that this is a good idea but I fail to see how this new
> alliance will bring this about.  Why do we need yet another 3rd party
> to foster closer cooperation with Debian (instead of creating the
> structures which are needed within Debian)?  Do you seriously think
> that a new organization which hasn't actually talked to Debian at all
> before being created will help bring some of these closer to Debian
> proper?

What does that mean exactly, "to talk to Debian"? The DPL is in
the loop, plus a dozen or more Debian developers that work for the
participating organizations. Debian is a group of individuals, so
is involving some number of those individuals not
"talking to Debian" in just about the only sense one can do that?

> What is this alliance about exactly anyway?  From what I've seen, it
> takes the core of Debian and offers some guarantees to ISVs, such as
> longer security support and possible updates to some packages.  If
> this is correct, this sounds like a combination for better security
> support of a certain base plus the idea of volatile.d.net to me.  Why
> don't you offer your resources to the Debian project, help out with
> the security team and support the volatile.d.net project (and then we
> could possibly also upgrade it to an official service)?  This way,
> everyone would benefit, we could truly call it the "Debian core" and
> your alliance would still get the credit for making it happen and for
> working with ISVs (the former being something companies can do much
> better than Debian as a project).

I for one would be delighted if this were to become an official
Debian project, and we are indeed planning to work within the
existing Debian framework to the largest extent possible. I
just figured coming in *assuming* any of
that as a forgone conclusion would be seen as presumptuous.

Ian Murdock
317-578-8882 (office)

"A nerd is someone who uses a telephone to talk to other people about
telephones." --Douglas Adams

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