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Re: "Why" Debian Core Consortium ? Why not UserLinux? Why not Debian?

Ian Murdock wrote:
What does that mean exactly, "to talk to Debian"? The DPL is in
the loop, plus a dozen or more Debian developers that work for the
participating organizations.

Which is to say, no one outside the partipating organisations is in the loop?

Isn't this a good opportunity for either the tech ctte or the Scud Team to be involved, so the DPL doesn't have to put ridiculous amounts of effort into avoiding the obvious conflict of interest?

(I couldn't easily find anything saying who's in the "DCC", so these are guesses, but I think the ordering is at least right:

 100% of the DPL is involved in the "DCC" group,
  33% of the SPI board's involved in the "DCC" group,
  28% of the DPL team's involved in the "DCC" group,
   0% of the tech-ctte's involved in the "DCC" group

I guess something like 2%-5% of the developer body as a whole is involved in the "DCC"; I wouldn't like to hazard a guess at what proportion of Debian's extended userbase use distros involved in it)

Hrm. leader@ cc'ed.


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