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Re: Pledge To Killfile a person

MJ Ray writes:

> Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> wrote: [...]
>> How else should I consider a mail that simply declares "Troll."?  Do
>> you think it is not rude?  Or was the point of the brevity something
>> besides saving yourself the effort of justifying the judgment?
> I thought that pro-active anti-troll interventions that might help
> forestall vulnerable groups being harassed were suggested as Best
> Practice by several debian contributors?

I would not be surprised.  As I said before, I think it is an aspect
of a wider behavior pattern -- one that sees frequent objections.

> Personally, I consider them obnoxious and counter-productive, but
> few were willing to support that position last time I told it to
> a debian list. I'm surprised to see such strong objection now. Is
> it because "troll alerts" are daft or because of who posted it?

They're daft in general, but such an extreme is very rare, and I only
cited it because it was topical.  When there's a reasoned explanation
of why something is unhelpful, I look more forgivingly on it.  More
generally, email argument over what is improper tends not to get far,
and nobody's behavior had crossed my personal threshold for starting a

I may not have agreed with your position earlier for a number of
reasons; the time I want to spend contributing to Debian discussions
is a function of how busy I am with other activities.

Michael Poole

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