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Re: Pledge To Killfile Andrew Suffield

<sigh> I absolutely *hate* being forced to defend myself against this
crap and as a general rule, don't. But mob rule is one step too far.

There is a small group of people in this project who have spent the
past several years trashing me in every forum they can. They've been
putting around this notion that I generally write flames, trolls,
put-downs, whatever you want to call it. As a rule I ignore them,
because I don't consider such behaviour deserving of a response. Since
they're going unchallenged, there's an unfortunate tendency for people
to believe them and repeat the stories.

By and large, I find that the Debian project is good at rising above
this stuff, but when you get a mob of people together they can behave
quite irrationally. So for what I believe is the first time ever in
public, I'm forced to respond.

My response isn't going to be to blame these people; I just included
those paragraphs for background information. My response is simply
this: it's lies. I challenge anybody who thinks otherwise to present
evidence. I sign almost all my outgoing mails; this should be easy, if
it were true. Find mails from me that "are little more than
provocations, put-downs, and trolls". Not ones where people have
interpreted it that way and I've either told them they're wrong or
ignored them. Ones where it's actually true. Post references to this
thread. See how many you *actually* get, out of the number of mails I
send. I'll give you some numbers to start with - here is a rough count
(not including Ccs) of the mails I've sent to Debian lists this year:

asuffield@cyclone:~/Mail$ grep -c "^To: debian.*@lists.debian.org" sent-2005*

I acknowledge that I occasionally write mails which can be sharp and
pointy, but generally it's just in response to similarly sharp
mails. It's hardly uncommon in Debian; I've made a quick review of my
sent mail in the past few months, and the mail I've seen on the lists
in that time frame, and I don't think my percentage is any worse than
anybody else (and it's better than many). Neither is the number of
large threads I've spawned (I found two, and I went back two
years). The only difference is that other people don't have rumours
being spread about them.

I'm not going to try and take action against the ones truly
responsible for this. Nor will I support anybody else who thinks they
should; the best response to such people is to ignore them. And I
can't stop you from making a knee-jerk response. All I'm going to say
is: think for yourself, and consider the sources of what you think you
know. How accurate is it *really*? What do you find when you look at
the things which actually happened?

On the other hand, if you think that what Debian needs is vigilante
rule where people are not offered a chance to defend themselves, and
accusations are taken as proof, go ahead; you'll get exactly what you
created. Make sure it's what you wanted.

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