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Re: Pledge To Killfile a person

Andrew Suffield writes:

>  My response is simply this: it's lies. I challenge anybody who thinks
>  otherwise to present evidence. I sign almost all my outgoing mails;
>  this should be easy, if it were true. Find mails from me that "are
>  little more than provocations, put-downs, and trolls". Not ones where
>  people have interpreted it that way and I've either told them they're
>  wrong or ignored them. Ones where it's actually true. Post references
>  to this thread. See how many you *actually* get, out of the number of
>  mails I send.

You asked, and so a little bit of Googling produces these:

perhaps http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2005/03/msg00378.html
(which I would call devoid of useful information but heavy in insults)

Lately, I try to not make note of people behaving badly; there are too
many instances for worrying over it to be healthy, and most people
balance it out over time.  Even though I personally tend to ignore
Andrew Suffield, I think an organized effort to killfile _anyone_ is a
misguided application of social pressure.  If the alleged misbehavior
is not so systematic that everyone can see it, it is not bad enough to
warrant ostracism.

Michael Poole

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