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Re: [Fwd: Problems contacting the debian people .... (was: new configuration to avoid spam at the lists)]

On Thursday 02 June 2005 11.33, Pascal Hakim wrote:

[mail to Debian role accounts being ignored sometimes]

> Would a Debian Enquiry Response Team help?

Yes, imho it could help - I could imagine offering myself to sort out sort 
out simple inquiries (point people to mailing lists or point out that our 
policy/current SOP doesn't include doing whatever the person might want) 
from requests that really require attention of a listmaster, for example.  
Would this take some noticeable load off the listmasters, or just would it 
just cause additional delay unitl listmasters see the real requests?

I think some way for me to flag that listmaster attention is needed/is not 
needed for a specific request and some (vaguely) defined way of who takes 
care of requests when I don't answer a mail within some time would be the 
only prerequisites.  With some common sense, a modern threading mailreader 
and cc:ing the listmaster address back on all replies with edited Subject 
lines), I think this could be done 99% - no complicated set up necessary.

alternative: use a ticketing system (should probably only accessible to 
listmasters or at least only to DDs).  But that would need some set up, and 
besides I haven't seen a ticketing system that satisfied me yet.

Before I commit myself to this:  how much traffic are we looking at?

-- vbi

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