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[Fwd: Problems contacting the debian people .... (was: new configuration to avoid spam at the lists)]


Can anybody help me?

In order to suggest a "better" (IMO) configuration for the mailing lists to avoid spam, I have sent several mails during my life to listarchives@debian.org according to this subject and I never got any answer.

However, some weeks ago, I was able to contact listmaster@lists.debian.org and Pascal Hakim answered me (thank you!). See below the content of such mail...

Then, I reported to the users of the debian-catalan-user list his answer and I did a poll to know their opinion about it which can be checked at the archives of the list (http://lists.debian.org/debian-user-catalan/2005/debian-user-catalan-200505/threads.html).
But since I reported back the results (16-5-2005) nobody has answered me again...

Now I am writing this email to this list after being told by MJ Ray that debian-www@lists.debian.org wasn't appropiate. Please excuse me for cross posting but I would like to know why I'm having all this problems to contact the administrators of the lists. Writing to this list is for me the only way to find out how can I contact them since http://www.debian.org/contact points me to "wrong emails"...

Thank you.
If you think that I should have followed another procedure or I did something wrongly, let me know. Maybe it's my fault...

Marc Vinyes (MarC)

(In the debian-user-catalan, I am subscribed with my email "for commercial purposes which generate spam"; please see ahiva5@ole.com)
(Also, apologies for my english...)

En/na Pascal Hakim ha escrit:

On Wed, 2005-05-04 at 23:45 +0200, MarC wrote:
I have sent several mails to listarchives@debian.org but I never got any answer. Now I'm trying with listmaster@lists.debian.org

I had to unsubscribe from the debian-user list because of SPAM. The email addresses are not filtered and I google could find easily my address because of its appearance at the list archives!! Out of debian, in every other list I have written to, they change @ with (AT) and . with (DOT) or something similar.

Could you configure the debian lists with this option?
At least some users at the debian-user-catalan would like to have this feature enabled.


While it is possible to turn this option on, it has not been done as
more people seem to prefer having this option off than on.


Hi again,
We have done a Poll in our lists in order to see if people really
prefered this option or they didn't.

The question of the poll was:
"replace @ with ARROBA at the debian-user-catalan list"

and a large majority voted for YES.
However we realised afterwards that "ARROBA" wasn't appropiate and that
it would be better to replace @ with "A" at the debian-user-catalan
list, because "A" is a more common preposition in our language.

This doesn't change the opinion of the persons who voted, as the
important issue is the fact of masking the @ symbols, so we would ask
you to apply the last rule to the list.

See the archive to check out the results and verify them if you wish:

the following persons answered NO:
albertfc A gmail.com
txena A menta.net ahiv
carlesmu A ya.com
gulgulan A gmail.com
griera A gmail.com

the following persons answered YES:
albert.gasset A estudiant.upc.edu
jarashi A telefonica.net
condor3000free A yahoo.es
llistes A eines.info
chaos.ct A gmail.com
escarbat A gmail.com
dimas A 4agost.net
edubxb A ya.com
linuxer A unraco.net
gforns A gmail.com
ivanmoret A telefonica.net
apardalat A gmail.com
jfontich A pie.xtec.es
jordisayol A yahoo.es
jvalverde A gmail.com
jordi_2 A matias-guarro.com
cancio A clara.co.uk
txemaq A spymac.com
kld A futurnet.es
marcxscript A gmx.net
manelmartinez A menta.net
marcfurti A yahoo.es
sarinyo A gmail.com
march.masip A gmail.com
miqueloliete A softhome.net
orestes A tsc.upc.edu
ptorutra A yahoo.es
paucliment A ya.com
pepe A elcorreu.net
phalangana A yahoo.com
qgil A interactors.coop
rdelavega A cesca.es
robert A cataloniahosting.com
elizir A elizir.mine.nu
llistadebiancat A ya.com
santiagopm A wanadoo.es
sargue A gmail.com
tevibp A wanadoo.es
ahiva5 A ole.com
jordi A matarosensefils.net
marc.bres A gmail.com

Finally we have realised that some spammers write directly to the list
without being stopped by any moderator. I think we should also improve
this. Do you think it's possible? See the "english posts" of

Thank you,

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