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Re: [Fwd: Problems contacting the debian people .... (was: new configuration to avoid spam at the lists)]

Hallo! Du (Adrian von Bidder) hast geschrieben:

>> Would a Debian Enquiry Response Team help?
>Yes, imho it could help - I could imagine offering myself to sort out sort 
>out simple inquiries (point people to mailing lists or point out that our 
>policy/current SOP doesn't include doing whatever the person might want) 
>from requests that really require attention of a listmaster, for example.  
>Would this take some noticeable load off the listmasters, or just would it 
>just cause additional delay unitl listmasters see the real requests?

as we are currently two people that do the work (and i guess Pasc also
has a life) the simple requests that i answer with readymade texts
('no, we don't delete Mails after they passed our filters', 'please
answer the unsub-confirmation to get off the list') that could be of
some help.

>mails that 
>I think some way for me to flag that listmaster attention is needed/is not 
>needed for a specific request and some (vaguely) defined way of who takes 
>care of requests when I don't answer a mail within some time would be the 
>only prerequisites.  With some common sense, a modern threading mailreader 
>and cc:ing the listmaster address back on all replies with edited Subject 
>lines), I think this could be done 99% - no complicated set up necessary.

The question is: which emails should go through the listmasters? What
knowledge does one need to decide this accuratly? sometimes some spam
bounces are important, or a block of unsuccessful unsub-requests. If
that is filtered out maybe some information is missing that the
'real'-listmasters would need to diagnose that there is a problem

>alternative: use a ticketing system (should probably only accessible to 
>listmasters or at least only to DDs).  But that would need some set up, and 
>besides I haven't seen a ticketing system that satisfied me yet.
>Before I commit myself to this:  how much traffic are we looking at?

690 went through the first line of defense on murphy and weren't
dropped by clamav here yesterday. today those were 835 up to now.

From those two days 140 made it through my filters. As I check the
junk filtered out sometimes i think that about 10 real false positives
are sorted out. (false positive doesn't mean real requests here, just
mails that could be of some interest for the listmasters, bounces,
autoresponders and challenge-response-requests).

So, my personal opinion is: you need listmaster knowledge to accuratly
decide which mails are important and which are not. If we find two
more people that qualify to do that, don't burnout them on a
listmaster-secretary desk, just add them to the listmaster-team. (The 'easy'
requests noted above are only 5-20 Mails/week, not a problem.) THat
would lower the possibility that all listmasters are dealing at the
same time with issues from another world.

Cord (also with the 'listmasters are people too'-badge)

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