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Re: [Fwd: Problems contacting the debian people .... (was: new configuration to avoid spam at the lists)]

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 10:19:22AM +0100, MJ Ray wrote:
> MarC <marc_contrib@ramonvinyes.es> skribis: [...]
> > Now I am writing this email to this list after being told by MJ Ray
> > that debian-www@lists.debian.org wasn't appropiate. 
> I have also explained why I think antispamming lists.debian.org
> is worse than useless.

I didn't see that reply, but I agree that antispamming only in there
would probably be useless (or make little difference).

> > Please excuse me for cross posting but I would like to know why I'm
> > having all this problems to contact the administrators of the lists. 
> [...]
> Just how widespread is this problem? I know I've had several
> non-responses and Marco d'Itri has been reporting it too, and
> now it seems that users are being ignored. This makes debian
> look bad - if these delegates need more help answering email,
> have they asked for it? Are we getting to the point where there
> needs to be a "Debian Enquiry Response Team"? That said, would
> delegates answer forwarded enquiries? It would be even worse to
> send evasive replies while trying telepathy.

I try very hard to reply[1] to all (valid) emails sent to
listmaster@lists.debian.org as well as listarchives@debian.org. It's
becoming more and more apparent that I'm missing some of the queries
that are addressed there. I'm guessing some of those emails are managing
to hit both mine and Cord's spam filters, or arriving when both of us
are busy for a couple of days.

Most requests are still taken care of however; you'll only hear about
those that are not taken care of.

Would a Debian Enquiry Response Team help? I'm not sure... Judging by
the burnout we get in those sort of positions, I'm not sure that it
would be that useful once the people silly enough to help have burnt out


(with his "Listmasters are people too" badge on)

[1]: I have to admit that I don't reply to people asking for messages to
be removed and/or altered on the listarchives. While the current stated
list archives policy is "we don't do that, ever", I don't quite agree
with that. There's no real concensus on changing that policy, and I'm
not willing to cause a "Problems with Mr Hakim" thread on debian-devel
just quite yet.

Pascal Hakim                                          0403 411 672
Do Not Bend

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