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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

Joel Aelwyn <fenton@debian.org> writes:

> One of my 'real problems' is a completely stalled NEW queue; secondhand

Hear hear. To the rest of the mail too. Many people would thank you
for a solutiont to this.

Hopefully you can get an answere faster then the 6 month it took to
get third hand knowledge that the ftp-master problem with amd64 does
not exist.

> Now, if the reason is because everyone involved in ftp-master has more
> crucial tasks to do with getting Sarge out the door, that would be one
> thing; the answer would be "Wait" if we're expecting that to last a couple
> of weeks at most, or "train an additional person" if we expect it to
> persist (yes, I *know* training someone "costs", but it also pays off
> fairly rapidly, thus the patience-if-it's-short).

The NEW queue hasn't been the most expedient for some time now which
would indicate this is a long term problem. Unless the reason for the
delay is too many people fighting over the decision then more manpower
can't hurt, right.

Let me repeat two ideas I mentioned before:

- uploads to NEW need an advocate in addition to the normal signature

  The advocates job would be to test the package, check for packaging
  mistakes, gross bugs, build failures, license, bad name choice when
  splitting a package. That sort of thing.

  This would be helpfull in filtering out more bad uploads to NEW. Is
  that a frequent thing? How much time is wasted on trivial
  rejections currently?

- a NEW team

  The new team would be an appointed group (not just random DD as for
  the advocate) of DDs that do all the checking and testing of NEW
  packages and recommend to ftp-master to accept a package in the
  end. This would mean the ftp-master would loose some of their duties
  and only be the implementing tool (with a veto right?).

  Having a NM team has worked great to NM. Maybe that success could be


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