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Re: Bits from the ftpmasters

> The NEW queue hasn't been the most expedient for some time now which
> would indicate this is a long term problem. Unless the reason for the
> delay is too many people fighting over the decision then more
> manpower can't hurt, right.
> Let me repeat two ideas I mentioned before:

damn, I didn't saw them. if that was in that thread, maybe all the 
flamwar-noise is faulty here ... anyway ...

> - uploads to NEW need an advocate in addition to the normal signature

This is really interesting. Moreover it's in the mood to have 
co-maintaining, and I guess it's on the same idea. But for very small 
packages, this can be a real pain to find an advocate.

I think a relaxed version of the previous would be better : we should 
have an advocacy option, that will make the processing of the package 
faster. I dunno how to *technically* do that, certainly with two 

It's a little OT, but I think that the upload mechanisms should be 
enhanced a little to be able to *certify* that a package has been 
reviewed by many DD. the Uploaders field is not signed, and is not 
trustfully. I guess this should be a really interesting information 
(even not for OT)

> - a NEW team

This is IMHO a brilliant idea. It should filter a lot of packages that 
are inadequate for NEW, and ftpmasters will only have to filter the one 
that already have been checked by a whole team.

It will maybe slow down mean entrance time, but will drasticaly improve 
the quality of the packages that passes the NEW test, and allow to 
drasticaly reduce the maximum ttl of a package in NEW.

·O·  Pierre Habouzit
OOO                                                http://www.madism.org

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