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Re: Ftpmasters' status

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
On 17-02-2005 02:43, Anthony Towns wrote:
Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Here is a fresh non-APT non-hostile thread. Please respond...
Dude, if a new thread was enough to avoid folks deciding that it'd be
fun to randomly throw in insults and other distractions, I'd've started
my own thread months or years ago -- I do actually know how to do that,
as it happens. But it's not.
Sorry for misunderstanding your needs.

Then how about spending a little time thinking, first? Seriously, this isn't a debating exercise here; I'm not putting words together just to see how they sound.

Why would you /possibly/ imagine retitling the thread would make any substantive difference to /anything/? Seriously.

Do I understand you correctly that we cannot expect any public info from
you on the matters of your tasks as ftpmaster until a noise-free
mailinglist can somehow be created/maintained?

Yeesh. The question was "why isn't the more public discussion of things?" -- well, strictly it wasn't so much a question as a statement along the lines of "idiots like ftpmaster should discuss things more, but they think they're better than us, god they suck", but hey -- and the answer is that public discussion is actively counter productive.

An example of how it's counterproductive is that people like trying to twist what's said into something that can be hurled back as an accusation later, just as you're trying to do above. It's not fun or helpful or interesting. Stop it.

I do not mean to put words in your mouth. If you describe only an ideal
situation for you, but can live with less, I apologize for putting the
question so awkwardly before: I am really eager to hear from you about
matters of your ftpmaster tasks. What would be _sufficient_ for you to
participate in talking about it?

Stop setting up every conversation as a trap. There are two outcomes to the above request: either give an answer, then get attacked for not providing immediate, completely literate accounts of every thought that crosses someone's mind; or don't give an answer and be accused of stonewalling and being unreasonable.

And even if you, personally, are sincerely curious and willing to dedicate some of your time and effort to making a go of improving things, public discussion in Debian is very much a lowest common denominator thing [0] and you can be sure even if you refrain from biting into our legs, someone else won't.

I'm really not sure why anyone thinks tacking requests onto paranoid
accusations of people being in unaccountable supersecretive cabals that
don't share the Debian spirit is a good idea. Answering those questions
just encourages people to start new obnoxious threads later to try to
get a response, which means the only sensible response is to either
ignore the questions, or actively prioritise issues that aren't
connected to offensive threads. Seriously, why do you think anyone would
want to encourage you to call them names?
I honestly do not have the answer to that question.

The most obvious one is "they wouldn't". The interested reader is invited to reason back and determine the implications of that answer.


[0] ie, "1".

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