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Re: Ftpmasters' status

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
On 17-02-2005 00:25, Anthony Towns wrote:
Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
I am not your boss, but I am (too) interested in understanding why the
tasks of the ftpmaster role seems to be moving slow.
Honestly, I'd love to talk about these sorts of things more publically;
but I'm not willing to do that in an environment that's actively hostile.
I am happy to hear that.
Here is a fresh non-APT non-hostile thread. Please respond...

Dude, if a new thread was enough to avoid folks deciding that it'd be fun to randomly throw in insults and other distractions, I'd've started my own thread months or years ago -- I do actually know how to do that, as it happens. But it's not.

Or alternatively, please clarify what would be a comfortable environment
for you for such public talk.

One where the majority of posts were productive and valuable contributions, rather than attacks and demands would be a good start. Of course, we're so far from that than even asking for an apology is treated as an opportunity to make more demands.

I'm really not sure why anyone thinks tacking requests onto paranoid accusations of people being in unaccountable supersecretive cabals that don't share the Debian spirit is a good idea. Answering those questions just encourages people to start new obnoxious threads later to try to get a response, which means the only sensible response is to either ignore the questions, or actively prioritise issues that aren't connected to offensive threads. Seriously, why do you think anyone would want to encourage you to call them names?


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