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Re: Bits from the DAMs

* Florian Weimer (fw@deneb.enyo.de) [050214 13:55]:
> I don't understand what's keeping apt 0.6 from being distributed with
> sarge (modulo a new run of non-automated regression tests, of course).
> The key management issue could be side-stepped by switching from a
> year-based signing key to a release signing key.  I suspect there's
> some kind of non-technical obstacle most DDs don't know about
> (wouldn't be the first).

Actually, we discussed about apt 0.6 within the release team and with
the maintainers. IIRC, the two blocking issues are:
1. All the concepts (default installation, key management, how do
security updates work, ...) needs some review
2. There is noone who started working on 1.
(One part of 2. is that nobody made a summary after discussion, as there
is 2.)

As you see, this is not a "no, we won't do it", but unless someone picks
up the task, makes a proposal that addresses all issues, nothing will
change. And, we definitly are not going to delay sarge for this, so if
it doesn't happen in time, than it doesn't happen. Any proposal must
also take care that we never have a regression for releasability of

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