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Re: Squeeze on Lombard

Hi once again, Michel.

Sorry for not being as speedy, but I had to go to the doctor yesterday
after those tests.

2011/5/3 Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org>:
> Probably the radeon driver is loaded from the initrd (or even built into
> the kernel), but the firmware is not available in the same place.

Well, now I could make KMS work:


I had to compile my own kernel, because just passing video=radeon to a
regular Debian kernel doesn't supersede radeonfb, even if I make sure
that radeon is in the initrd.

> That's because the DRI is completely disabled.

Now, that's not a problem anymore. But there are other problems, though:

* When I use any 3D application, I get distorted output, as you can
see in the pictures in the URL above.

* When I boot with KMS, after, say, 1 minute or so (can't be precise
here) almost all feedback from the window manager stops and I can only
move the mouse cursor. Nothing else is updated. After some 30 seconds
more, the monitor becomes completely dark (but the backlight is still

Have you seen that before?


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