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Re: Squeeze on Lombard

Hi, Michel.

First of all, thank you very much for your speedy and precise answers. It is
appreciated a lot.

On May 03 2011, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Die, 2011-05-03 at 12:04 -0300, Rogério Brito wrote: 
> > There's one catch, though: I had to boot with radeon.modeset=0, since,
> Well, you can only get hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.x with KMS enabled.


> > if I didn't, I just got a corrupted console, with unreadable
> > characters and, perhaps, with the boot stuck with init entering
> > runlevel 2 (just guessing here). Nothing else worked.
> Try adding radeon.agpmode=1 to the kernel command line and, if that
> alone doesn't help, radeon.no_wb=1 as well.

After waiting about 2 minutes with KMS enabled and radeon.agpmode=1 (I was
actually taking a picture to show you), the system went on and loaded my
desktop. It was full of some weird colors, typical of endianness problems.

I put the pictures that I got, together with some interesting debugging
stuff in the directory:


In particular, notice that radeon DRM is complaining that it couldn't load
the firmware file, but it is there, readable for all:


Also, notice that the glxinfo output, even with the LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose
environment variable set doesn't say anything else to the luser (me) why it
has fallen back to the software rasterizer.

So, if you could provide any assistance here, that would be great.


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