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Re: G3 Beige Tower install with BootX - help

On Sep 8, 2008, at 1:05 PM, Stephen Allen wrote:

Long ago when I was doing this frequently to test the (then very new)
Sarge installer, by doing an "expert" mode install (setting
"DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low" as Nicholas recommends), you could skip over the
attempt to install quik by going to a step called (at the time)
something like "proceed without a boot loader" in the main menu. This
prevented the quik installer from destroying the boot-partition
information in NVAM. So when the time came to reboot, you went directly into OS-9. There was no need for the "update Apple hard disk drivers"
step with the OS-9 CD that Nicholas describes.

A lot of things have changed since Sarge, and this bit of lore may no
longer be applicable.  I'll try it out with Lenny myself on a spare
disk, and report back.

I'm missing something; How does one invoke 'expert' mode in the installer ?

Quoting Nicholas:

In the additional kernel arguments box, type "DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low" (no quotes)

This will start up the installer in "expert" mode.

There are other ways, but they are more round-about. This is the easiest.

"Expert" mode is running the installer with "DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low". The meaning of that is the installer will ask all questions that have priority higher or equal to "low". Priority "high" questions *must* be answered -- the installer can't proceed without those answers. Priority "low" questions are more likely to be OK with the defaults. In your case, the default for one of those questions -- just barging ahead to install the default (quik) boot loader -- is not acceptable.

You will have to answer a lot more questions, but usually the default answers (just hit the return key) will be OK. As a side-effect of exposing the low-level details, you'll learn some things about the Debian installer that may be interesting -- even helpful, though that's not the main purpose of this suggestion.

Hope this helps!


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