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Re: G3 Beige Tower install help

2008/9/4, Stephen Allen <sda2@sdf.lonestar.org>:
>> (4) Run BootX application (alternatively install BootX extension, and
>> reboot).
> OK I did this, got a shell and then a kernel panic, and a reboot message for
> 3 minutes.
> Probably because of the kernel being in the wrong place eh ?
I don't think so. BootX found the kernel, but maybe not the initrd.
Did it complain about not finding the root partition?

>> (5) When Bootx asks you to choose your OS, before doing so, press on
>> Options, and select the initrd (Use specified RAM disk) (with BootX
>> extension variant, you have to be careful to stop the clock from
>> counting down, this can be done by writing a space into More kernel
>> arguments field).
> You mean the ram disk is automatically set as default ? By space in the
> kernel arguments field, you mean to
> hit the space bar ? Excuse me if I'm being a little thick, it's the end of a
> long day.
It is not used by BootX as default. When you have selected a RAM disk,
the root partition field changes to adjust the maximum size of the RAM
disk. Yes, I meant the space bar.


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