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Re: G3 Beige Tower install help

2008/9/7, Stephen Allen <sda2@sdf.lonestar.org>:
> The install is where I had the issue(s), of going through the steps and
> hanging when it came to installing
> the quik bootloader. I don't understand why it's install quick as I thought
> that BootX would be used.
You should try to skip the quik installation. The advantage of using
BootX is that if you use quik and it fails to boot you have no backup,
with BootX you can always get into OS 9. You don't need - and cannot
have - both: the OldWorld ROM always selects the first bootable
partition. Or - in theory - you could have quik in first partition and
OS 9 in second and use quik to boot OS 9, but I don't see any point in

> I went through several iterations of disk partioning schemes without any
> successful install. One message I
> got several times was that Quik has to be on the first partition. The MacOS
> has a small partition at the
> first that doesn't delete for me, so I'm kind of stuck there.
You should keep the Mac OS partition. Get into another virtual
terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2), mount the Mac OS partition (the path is either
/dev/hda... or /dev/bus/ide/disk.../part..., or similar):

mount -t hfs /dev/... /mnt

(or hfsplus), and copy the new initrd into it:

cp -p /target/boot/initrd.gz '/mnt/System Folder'

 At this point you should have the kernel package installed on target partition.

> In terms of the disk partioning. Is the MacOS partition supposed to be
> overwritten and that's why the
> installer wants to install Quik ? I can't seem to find an option to toggle
> Quik off.
Probably the installer wants to install quik because it is the only
OldWorld capable boot loader it knows about. That's why you have to
manually copy the initrd for BootX, as described above. And when
booting the installed system with BootX, you have to select the new
initrd and press 'Save prefs' to make it permanent.


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