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Re: G4 Powerbook System Fan UBUNTU Feisty

On Mon, 02 Jul 2007 the mental interface of
Matthew Polashek told:

> OK so after snooping around and with everyone's help I've come to 
> understand that my powerbook G4 17 has 2 sensors.  I believe there is on on 
> top of the processor and one below, but that could be wrong.  The have 
> limits set to work at different times.  Apparently I'm a nervous nelly 
> because the fan seems to be kicking on just fine, just at a higher 
> temperature than I though they would.  ANyway, there are parameters that 
> one can set to change when the fan kicks on.  I'm not going to mess with 
> it.  Thanks for the help!

A small script to check temps of (g|c)pu and hdd:

#! /bin/sh

FANSPEEDCPU=`LC_ALL=de_DE_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor1_fan_speed | sed -e s#rpm#U\/min#`

dialog --title " Temperatures of my AlBook G4 " \
       --backtitle " `cat /proc/version` at `hostname -f` " \
       --infobox \
"  cpu fan speed:       $FANSPEEDCPU \n \
 cpu limit:           `LC_ALL=de_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor1_limit` °C\n \
 cpu temperature:     `LC_ALL=de_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor1_temperature` °C\n \
 gpu limit;           `LC_ALL=de_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor2_limit` °C \n \
 gpu temperature:     `LC_ALL=de_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/sensor2_temperature` °C\n \
 limit adjust:        `LC_ALL=de_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/limit_adjust` \n \
 specified fan speed: `LC_ALL=de_DE cat /sys/devices/temperatures/specified_fan_speed` \n \
 hdd temp:            `LC_ALL=de_DE hddtemp /dev/hda | awk '{print $4}'| sed -e s/°/\ °/`" 12 45

# vim:tw=120


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