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Re: G4 Powerbook System Fan UBUNTU Feisty

On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 06:19:04PM +0200, booster wrote:
> Matthew Polashek wrote:
> >OK so after snooping around and with everyone's help I've come to 
> >understand that my powerbook G4 17 has 2 sensors.  I believe there is on 
> >on top of the processor and one below, but that could be wrong.
> One should be the CPU temperature sensor (sensor1) and the other one the 
> GPU temperature sensor (sensor2).


> I know that the HD could also deliver temperature data (there are
> applications in MacOS X that can read it) but I did not yet find a
> suitable solution for Linux (didn't try hard tough).

 The GNOME Sensors Applet for the panel displays them all three to me,
including the fan speed.
 So long,

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