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Re: Power Mac 6100/66

Op 14-sep-05 om 9:54 heeft Sven Luther het volgende geschreven:
On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 08:41:52AM +0200, Ernest Demaret wrote:
Op 13-sep-05 om 18:09 heeft Sven Luther het volgende geschreven:
kernel-source-2.4.27 and kernel-patch-2.4.27-nubus should do the

I tried that but couldn't get the kernel properly patched.
What can cause the kernel to be patched on one machine and not on the

Ah, maybe horms broke them while doing secutiry updates, in this case, you
should file a bug report.

How do you do the patching anyway ?

I do the patching as I found described on the web:
>From the kernel-source directory "zcat <patch> | patch -p0
It works but I get a lot of error messages along the way.
Files the patch can't find and such.

I'm not a programmer but a user who likes to experiment and try things so I have to rely on what I find in manuals and howto's in the web. It's a hobby and I learn on the way.

Is it possible to identify the developer of a kernel? He might be
to provide the tree from which my kernel is made of (which is
stable as
far as I've experienced).

No idea, but i doubt it is meaningfull to go hunting after a the
history of a
given binary kernel, it is more constructive to start from the
existing source
code in the debian kernel. Did you try the sarge -nubus kernel at
all ?

As far as I know the 2.4.27 kernel is the highest version for a
I haven't tried that, but if you think it might work I'll give it a

Please do, and file a bug report if it does not.

I found no sarge nubus-kernel at debian.org so there's not much to try.
Any idea where to find it? I'd be glad to try and test a sarge nubus-kernel.


Ernest Demaret

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