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Re: Power Mac 6100/66

Op 13-sep-05 om 16:17 heeft Sven Luther het volgende geschreven:
On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 03:55:24PM +0200, Ernest Demaret wrote:
Be warned though that it has never be tested and the patch set is a
bit old,
altough direct from the nubus project from back then.

Would it be possible to use the kernel I use for my 8100/110? I don't
remember where it originally came from but I would be glad to provide a
copy. I even have a kernel with a built-in installer which I used to
get my 8100 running.

You know, that would probably be a violation of the kernel GPL you offering
the kernel without the sources and config file for it :)

Seriously, if we will add official debian support for the nubus machines, we
need to be able to build such a kernel from the debian package. Right now i
have a (rather old) patch to 2.4.27 from the nubus project, and a
configuration file which was suggested to me by someone from the nubus

Please try it out, and if it fails, we can fix it or something, but some
random binary kernel from some random place is hardly going to be usefull in
the long run.

It was never my intention to violate the kernel GPL but I can't provide sources nor the config because I've never seen them either and just wanted to help somebody out... I have been trying to compile my own nubus-patched kernel (with the same sources mentioned) but never succeeded :-( I wanted to add MD support which was not compiled in the kernel I use. If you can tell me where I can find the name of the developer we'll both be happy.


Ernest Demaret

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