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Re: Power Mac 6100/66

On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 08:41:52AM +0200, Ernest Demaret wrote:
> Op 13-sep-05 om 18:09 heeft Sven Luther het volgende geschreven: 
> > kernel-source-2.4.27 and kernel-patch-2.4.27-nubus should do the 
> > trick. 
> I tried that but couldn't get the kernel properly patched. 
> What can cause the kernel to be patched on one machine and not on the 
> other? 

Ah, maybe horms broke them while doing secutiry updates, in this case, you
should file a bug report.

How do you do the patching anyway ?

> > > Is it possible to identify the developer of a kernel? He might be 
> > > able  
> > > to provide the tree from which my kernel is made of (which is 
> > > stable as  
> > > far as I've experienced).  
> >  
> > No idea, but i doubt it is meaningfull to go hunting after a the 
> > history of a 
> > given binary kernel, it is more constructive to start from the 
> > existing source 
> > code in the debian kernel. Did you try the sarge -nubus kernel at 
> > all ?  
> As far as I know the 2.4.27 kernel is the highest version for a 
> 8100/110. 
> I haven't tried that, but if you think it might work I'll give it a 
> try. 

Please do, and file a bug report if it does not.


Sven Luther

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